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iLife ’09 [OLD VERSION]

iLife '09 [OLD VERSION]

  • iLife ’09 lets you intend the most discover of your photos, movies, and penalization on your Mac with newborn versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD
  • Organize and see your photos by faces and places with iPhoto ’09; Create a flick in transactions or modify your work with iMovie ’09
  • Learn to play, move a wad session, or achievement and intermixture your possess strain with GarageBand ’09
  • Design, publish, and update your possess websites meet the artefact you poverty them with iWeb ’09
  • Turn your bag movies and photos into gorgeous Hollywood-style DVDs with iDVD

iLife ’09 makes it easier than ever to intend the most discover of the photos, movies, and penalization on your Mac. In iPhoto ’09, you crapper care and encounter your photos in digit newborn ways: Faces, supported on who is in your photos, and Places, supported on where they were taken. iMovie ’09 lets you attain the flick you poverty in the instance you have. With newborn themes, you crapper provide your flick a professed countenance in seconds. Or ingest the newborn Precision Editor to fine-tune your masterpiece. With Basic Lessons in GarageBand ’09, you crapper see to endeavor pianissimo and guitar. And you crapper create and achievement your possess songs with newborn bass amps and stompbox effects.iLife ’09 makes it easier than ever to intend the most discover of the photos, movies, and penalization on your Mac. Organize and see your

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2 thoughts on “iLife ’09 OLD VERSION

  1. 58 of 66 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great, January 29, 2009
    FroggyM (Washington, DC) –

    This review is from: iLife ’09 [OLD VERSION] (DVD-ROM)

    There is no way that I could give the iLife suite anything but 5 stars. I switched to the mac 1.5 years ago and have been intensely using iLife ’08 for the entire time. The suite of programs is just incredible. I would probably pay upwards of $600 for the suite of programs, and it costs only […]. Crazy.

    The following review covers the new features added in iLife ’09 that weren’t in iLife ’08. There are a lot of new features, and I’ll update my review after I spend time with each one.

    iPhoto ’09
    FACE RECOGNITION: My iPhoto library is relatively small at 14,000 photos, most of which feature friends and family. Because I’m a bit OCD, with iPhoto ’08, I took the time to label all the photos with the names of the people contained in each picture. I did this by writing the person’s name in the “Key Words” field of each photo. For a variety of reasons, my iPhoto library is much more valuable and useful to me when they are properly labeled with people’s names. As such, I was intrigued by the face recognition feature of iPhoto ’09. After allowing iPhoto ’09 to scan my library of photos for faces (which took about 3 hours), I spent a handful of hours training iPhoto to know what everyone’s faces look like. This process (if you know how to do it) is indeed easier than the old way (of me typing in people’s names in the “key words” field under each photo). The facial recognition is pretty good, or maybe very good. The problem I’ve discovered is that facial recognition is never going to be perfect. Indeed some of the best photos have friends or family with their backs turned to the camera, or whatever, so facial recognition doesn’t notice them. If I were to rely solely on the facial recognition in iPhoto ’09, I would fail to properly label all my pictures … I’d miss some really really good pictures. Then, months later, when I’m looking for a photo with my friend Sam, I won’t be able to find certain photos, because it was never properly labeled with his name. Long story short, I won’t be using the facial recognition feature. Instead, I’m going to continue to mark all my photos with names in the “key words” field of each photo. Note also, the facial recognition feature cannot find the face of my parents’ Dalmatian dog.

    PRINTED BOOKS (MAPS FEATURE): the printed books that I’ve created with iPhoto ’08 are amazing. I’ve had several people say, “I’ve gotta get a mac” when they see the books I’ve made. And, a few months ago, Apple announced that the pictures in the printed books are going to be even higher-res (haven’t had a chance to print a book since the announcement), so the books should look even better now. A new feature in iPhoto ’09 is the ability to add custom maps to your books. For instance, I created a book with a map showing a travel line from NYC-Helsinki-Warsaw-Cracow-Budapest-Vienna-Prague. The map looks awesome (see photo uploaded to amazon). Printed books make the perfect gift or coffee table book. (TIP: after you create the map, right-click on the map for additional advanced options (e.g., changing the connecting lines from _curved_ lines to _straight_ lines). Criticism: while the large-scale maps (i.e., big city to big city to big city) look great, zoomed-in maps (i.e., of an individual city or town) have no detail. (See the photo uploaded to amazon of my map of Warsaw, Poland). Hopefully they’ll fix this.

    GEOTAGGING: this feature is so cool and totally belongs within iPhoto. Years from now, when all the cameras have GPS built inside, it is going to be so convenient to have this metadata attached to photos. That being said, I cannot imaging spending the time to label my 14,000 photos that don’t currently have that data. I did buy the “Amod AGL3080 GPS Data Logger,” to carry with me on trips so that I can add GPS data to new pictures I take. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Update: I’ve had a chance to manually geotag some pictures (e.g., this batch of photos is “Warsaw, Poland”). It’s pretty easy to tag photos. That being said, there’s really nothing amazing about having geotagged photos. Hopefully future iterations of iLife will make use of having geotagged photos and movies (e.g., smart slide shows or movies that automatically include maps that zoom into pictures, or something).

    GarageBand ’09
    MUSIC LESSONS: this is the most exciting part of iLife ’09 for me. These lessons look _better than real lessons_. Seriously, better than live lessons with a real human. I started the guitar lessons a week ago, and I just love them. I can do the lesson over and over, at my own pace. Apple really slammed this one out of the park. I can’t wait until I get good enough to use one of the $5 artist lessons. Note: there are 9 free introductory piano lessons, and 9 free introductory guitar lessons (the lessons feature an acoustic guitar, but they appear to be useful for learning both acoustic and electric…

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  2. 159 of 163 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Brevity be damned my iLife thoughts, February 14, 2009
    Harrison Murchison “A sanguine hedonist” (Kent, WA USA) –

    This review is from: iLife ’09 [OLD VERSION] (DVD-ROM)

    I think the purpose for a review is to get a sense for the product being reviewd. Unfortunately user submitted online reviews can and do end up becoming bully pulpits where people who feel slighted launch invective towards a product. Let me say that this will not be that type of review.

    I own a Mac mini 1.66Ghz Core Duo with 2GB of RAM that shipped with iLife 06 (I skipped the 08 upgrade) . Even by the standards of 2007 it wasn’t a barn burner. I have become aquainted with iLife 09 (hereafter IL9) and here are my thoughts.

    iMovie 09 (IM9) – This is the second version of what has become a hot button issue for many users. My computer shipped with iMovie 06 aka iMovie HD and I have tried to edit some video in it. The anger comes from the fact that Apple scrapped iMovie HD for new application called iMovie 08. The problem was that iMovie 08 was such a radical departure from iMovie HD and it had much less features. The uproar was so loud Apple capitulated and allowed iMovie HD to be downloaded separately. Now we have the second generation of this new movie editing application and the iMovie HD fans are back with a vengeance but are they justified again? I do not believe so and here’s why.

    Apple switched to a whole new video app for reasons that we can only guess but I’d surmise that they felt that iMovie HD had grown too complex with plugins and time lines and audio editing features that are truly best served in a higher end application like Final Cut Express. They decided to go back to the roots. iMovie 08 would be a video app for people that only need to edit every now an then or total newbies.

    They have succeeded. iMovie ’09 rectify’s most of the issues i’ve seen that actually hampered the ability to edit video easily. It supports chapter markers for easy DVD creation in iDVD. The audio editing is improved (you can keep just the audio from a clip or just the video easily). The speed of this app is superb. Where as you had to render some effects and whatnot in iMovie HD in IM9 almost everything happens in realtime. I found this kept me in a creative mode where I could try out different titles or transitions very quickly and find something I liked. Here’s a feature that you’re going to love and use. Apple has taken a feature from their pro video software that analyzes your video and then takes a majority of the camera shake out. It really works provided your were shaking the camera like a tambourine. This feature alone will save those shots that you thought you lost because your hand was unsteady. It does require some hefty processing so it’s one of the features that isn’t “instant” and you can control how much shake gets removed. You can now edit with precision and you have many more editing choices. Want picture in picture? It’s easy. Editing in iMovie 09 is basically dragging clips around and choosing the ideal text and transition. The new templates are very nice and of course integration with your iTunes music, and your iPhoto pictures is a sidebar away. I’d like to see Apple re-implement plugins because 3rd party developers can do amazing things and I want them to but for now iMovie 09 is likely going to be a nice app for tossing together something appealing.

    iPhoto – Is certainly not as much of a hot button issue. The new iPhoto makes a big deal out of Faces and Places. With Faces you are supposed to be able to tag your friends and family and the software looks for facial features and groups them together. In practice I’ve found this to be rather iffy. It works well if you’ve framed someone’s face in a good straight on shot but it can get lost with more obscure photos. Surprisingly it does work on some pets. I imagine that it will improve over time but honestly even a human sometimes can err in doing the same task. Places is a godsend for those who travel. It allows you to pinpoint where you were during a photo via your longitude and latitude co-ordinates. Now there are cameras that will put this information right into the metadata of the photo you take but they are still pretty rare. I expect that in a couple of years all but the most inexpensive cameras will do Geo tagging. Fear not! You can manually tag your photos in bunches. That Greece trip you took last summer is easy to tag. Once you’ve accumulated your geo tagging data you can view a Google Earth map right from within iPhoto and there are pinpoint detailing everywhere you’ve taken photos. At any time you can double click a pinpoint and the photos assigned to that location are displayed. This is yet another way to look at your photos! Here’s another feature …if you use Facebook you can upload photos right from within iPhoto. Facebook fans are always adding tag info to their friends photos. If you upload say a photo of you and other people to Facebook and someone tags their their photo, iPhoto will sync that tag information back to your…

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